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SP2-0640 Not connected.

  1. SP2-0640 Not connected.

    Oracle Error : SP2-0640 Not connected.

    Cause: The PASSWORD command was issued when there was no connection to the Oracle instance.

    Action: Connect to the Oracle database before re-issuing the PASSWORD command.

  2. Re: SP2-0640 Not connected.

    Re: SP2-0640 Not connected.

    1. you need to connect to the db before you start working

    Follow these three steps to connect to sql server
    1. use "connect" command and enter it will ask you user-name after user-name next it will ask you to enter password of DB
    example: (suppose user-name: scott and password: tiger)
    user-name: scott
    password: tiger
    SQL> now you can start writing queries here.

    Good luck

    Ravi Beli
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